Year of the Tiger - Background reports

World War II underground British bunker complex found within a prison
By David Miller
 The Straits Times February 12 1992 - Front Page

 World War II tunnels found throughout Singapore
The Straits Times February 12 1992 Page 22 
A Special Report by David Miller

Alexandra Hospital's war history remembered 
The Straits Times September 16 1998

Book about the tunnels under Alexandra Hospital
The Straits Times September 16 1998

The Johore battery complex is gazetted as a protected historical site
The Straits Times February 16 2002

The Japanese Shinto Shrine is made a protected historical site
The Straits Times September 17 2002

Report on the archaeological excavation at the Padang in which
gas masks from World War II were among the items unearthed.
The Straits Times January 18 2010


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