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During World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army under General Tomoyuki Yamashita looted untold amounts of gold and other valuables from across its occupied colonies in Southeast Asia to finance the empire’s ongoing military expansion. 

But when the tide of war turned against Japan in 1943, much of this treasure had to be buried in secret. Over the decades, the search for the legendary Yamashita’s Gold had been in vain until now.

A group of foreign workers digging a tunnel under the Padang in present-day Singapore stumble across one treasure vault and inadvertently trigger a biological booby trap. An unknown strain of anthrax is released threatening a global holocaust. It is up to a special team of investigators to decipher a cryptic clue left behind to halt this deadly pandemic.




From the deadly attacks on US embassies in Africa to the Bali bombings to 9-11 – these have left the world reeling in shock and fear. Still, these bloody terrorist operations were nothing more than just random strikes without any real long-term agenda.

But lurking in the shadows is an even more sinister force – one intent on world domination at any cost. Following a script almost as old as time itself, it would put religion and politics on an inevitable collision course blurring forever the lines of good and evil.

 From Washington to Jerusalem’s sacred Temple Mount to the hallowed halls of the Vatican, the final struggle for global conquest is set in motion – the advent to Judgement Day is upon us.


The Four Horsemen of the Bible begin their work paving the way for the final apocalypse.

An Israeli missile with a biological payload is sabotaged and launched against Jordan bringing the Middle East to the verge of an all-out war.

Global financial markets are turned on their heads when the oil-producing nations of the Gulf launch a new currency – the Gold Dinar which all nations have to use to purchase Middle East crude. Meanwhile, the discovery of some ancient scrolls written by a little-known sear threatens to expose secrets held by the Vatican for two millennia.

As lies merge and fates clash, can the relentless march towards Judgement Day be prevented?


The Japanese Occupation of Singapore during the Second World War saw the lack of food on the island reach critical levels. This prompted the Japanese military administration to encourage civilians - mainly Chinese and Catholic Eurasians to start farming communes deep in the unforgiving Malayan jungle.

Largely inept at working the land, many Eurasians fell to disease and malnutrition. Others, unable to cope with the primitive living conditions, simply gave up the fight to survive.

Bahau, the Elephant & the Ham charts with stark vividness and a touch of humour the day-to-day struggles of one family to endure against the odds.



This is a true story of a young police inspector who finds himself out of a job during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore during World War II. He begins to fight back in his own way and is soon lured into joining an Allied spy ring. 

Working in disguise, 22-year-old Halford Boudewyn is tasked to smuggle classified documents out from a POW camp which could prevent another major invasion planned by the Imperial Japanese Army. 

This book was written based to a large extent on a collection of notes Boudewyn left behind shortly before his death. 

Now for the first time, his complete story can be told.

By Eleanor Nunis - Published by DM BOOKS

A young family is forced to flee Singapore just days before this former British colony falls to the invading Japanese Army in World War II.

Captured at sea, the women and children endured years of incarceration while some of their menfolk who were also caught were sent to work on the infamous Death Railway in Burma.

Amidst the cruelty, brutality and terror, there were also unexpected moments of kindness and compassion.

Above all, this story is about the human spirit and how love, hope and courage shine a light through the darkness.