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Halford Boudewyn was a policeman and a war hero. His exploits during WWII are the stuff of legends. Fittingly, Boudewyn’s loyalty and courage, so wonderfully described by David Miller’s prose, continue to inspire his modern-day successors. Courage, loyalty, together with integrity and fairness, remain enduring values that today’s Singapore police officers swear to uphold.

Ng Joo Hee
Commissioner of Police
Singapore Police Force
November 2014

Another great read by this author! I know once I start reading his books I won't want to put it down and he didn't disappoint! He makes you feel as if you are living through the storyline! Another awesome book - Soccer Mom (USA)

A thoroughly enjoyable story of a courageous man. His widow must be very proud to see his story told - Helena (Australia)

I've read 'DutyBound', an inspiring story of commitment and bravery, and a desire to bring hope to
his fellow countrymen. However, being in the midst of, and witnessing the horrors of war has dreadful consequences and it was disturbing and sad to read of his nightmares. He well deserved acknowledgement and commendation as a hero. Thank you for putting Halford Boudewyn's story in print  Eleanor Nunis, Australia. Review submitted via email

After reading DutyBound, memories of my Dad and I sharing time together over Saturday lunches returned so vividly to me. It is uncanny. He spent many an afternoon sharing brave encounters of his younger days and the history of that time. I often wish I had been around to witness those events. What rich experiences people of that era have to share, being that many had such important roles. My Dad taught us vital values by the way he lived his life: One of many was the importance of finding  ways to give back to others, not just with our loved ones; of sharing ourselves, no matter what the cost. Deep lessons taught by example.
               I have learnt a lot from his examples. The war had cost my mother, early in her life,  the loss her Mum. Yet both my mother & father have been so inspiring and complete power-houses-of-giving to others. Such great examples for us to try and emulate! I thank the Good Lord for these wonderful memories that she has,  as these have sustained her this long and fueled her to accomplish her husband’s memoirs. Thank you David Miller for breathing life into Dad’s notes and painstakingly documenting his thoughts. Dad’s notes laid dormant since his death  in 1998. And since this book has come about, it has given to the younger Boudewyn generation a legacy to cherish - Carol Ann Boudewyn (eldest daughter)

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