Bahau, the Elephant & the Ham - Images

Sonya Nunes aged 2 with her father Arthur Henry Nunes.

Staging plays and concerts at home were common before the war. This was Halloween in 1932.

The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus where many Eurasian families sought refuge was bombed several times during the Japanese invasion of Singapore in 1942

Threats like this one against the Eurasian community were frequent 

A newspaper report from the Syonan Shimbun newspaper encouraging 
Eurasians to head up north to Bahau to start a farming commune. 

A propaganda report stating that Bahau was malaria-free

The Japanese painted the Bahau settlement in Malaya as a paradise but
 the primitive conditions and tropical diseases resulted in the
 deaths of between 300 and 500 settlers

Eurasian women working the fields in Bahau

Sonya and Noreen in the field

Roy Nunes trying to do his part

Evenings in Bahau were times for remembering the good ole days 

Picture taken in Singapore in the late 1950s. 
(Standing from left) Sonya, Junior, Mable
(Seated from left) Roy, Noreen and Ken

NOTE: The print and ebook versions contain many more pictures and complete transcripts of Japanese propaganda stories concerning the Eurasian community in Singapore and the Bahau Initiative.